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new undies: cute stretchmarks: also cute

No no no and NO stretch marks are never cute!! wtf too lazy to go get some cocoa butter and use it daily? We all have stretch marks but we can get rid of it.. People should take care of themselves and if cocoa butter didnt work for you make an appointment for a laser stretch mark removal dont be a lazy ass

hey quick question: what’s your fuckin damage

all stretch marks are beautiful no exceptions 

stretch marks are perfectly fine and natural and beautiful, free lightning bolt tattoos yo
cocoa butter is a preventative that does not always work, and smells and stains clothes and oh yeah, since a lot of people get stretch marks just from growing NOT from weight, theyd have to slather their whole body and no one really wants to do that or smell like that so strongly.
laser treatment? really? you want people to pay $1000+/appt (usually takes a few treatments) to get rid of something perfectly natural because you’ve named yourself standard of the fucking world and think we all live to please you? most people dont have that money and if they do thats not what they want to spend it on.
also fuck you.

sb5ive I think you’re a self conscious thirteen year old, trying to make yourself feel better by insulting a complete stranger based on the fact that you can hide behind a computer screen and never face this person in reality. Stretch marks and any other naturally occurring pieces of art that human bodies harvest are a million times prettier than your FUCKING attitude. 

Nils Udo - 27, 1999

Polanski vol.03 - Mariana Braga shot by me

(via 500px / Photo “Desert Choreography” by Marsel van Oosten)